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Having a proper approach to code security is a must. Especially when you are planning to make a global expansion. In this article, we will look at some of the global expansion plans, how investors view code security, and the market share in the Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions. Tom Kellermann appointed senior vice president of cyber strategy

Having been at it for more than a decade, Contrast Security has announced its latest and greatest, a mandarin named Tom Kellermann, a tenacious if not quite charming executive with a penchant for the big picture. He will be tasked with driving the adoption of a software based threat intelligence sharing approach a la the aforementioned frog. In addition to the security services, Kellermann will also oversee the company’s marketing efforts.

In addition to a stellar line of business software, Contrast Security has also recast itself as a provider of secure code platforms. Its suite of software offerings include the aforementioned flagship product, as well as the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint security portfolio. Among other things, Contrast has a robust and flexible code protection platform that is trusted by security teams across the globe to protect business applications and critical data.

Partners with AWS, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware

During the VMworld conference in August, VMware unveiled a new customer-driven strategy, a hybrid cloud service designed to allow customers to run workloads across both VMware-based private clouds and public cloud providers. VMware has also announced partnerships with major tech companies.

VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have teamed up to give users the ability to run VMware software on AWS public cloud infrastructure. This gives users a path to running their VMware workloads in AWS while preserving their investments in VMware technology. It also gives customers more flexibility and lowers operating costs.

VMware Cloud on AWS is now in technology preview mode. Customers can run their VMware software on AWS, allowing them to leverage existing processes and assets. This also offers customers a faster path to running their workloads in the cloud.

Approach to code security

Using an intelligent, automated tool to scan your code base can go a long way towards delivering a code base that is secure and performant. This is a good way to ensure that you don’t miss a single bug.

The best way to achieve this is to use a tool that can review the largest possible code base. This isn’t just good practice, it can also reduce the cost of defending your systems from malware attacks. The more scans you perform, the more efficient your code will be, which is a win-win.

Using a tool to detect the most important bugs isn’t the only way to achieve this. It is also important to take into account human flaws in the development lifecycle. This includes errors in network setup, which can result in a security hole.

The Spring Framework is used by developers to build enterprise-level applications in Java. It provides comprehensive infrastructure, including components for data, cloud, and MVC. Its components reduce manual configuration and make code easier to reuse.


The Spring Framework is vulnerable to a zero-day vulnerability. This issue is dubbed Spring4Shell. It is a critical vulnerability that has been assigned a critical severity. It affects Spring MVC applications. This could allow an attacker to run code on behalf of other users.

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