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Whether you’re a fund manager or just an individual looking for a simple, cost-effective way to manage your investments, FundGuard’s AI-powered SaaS platform can help. It’s an easy-to-use solution that automates fund management and administration, and enables you to run your portfolio from anywhere.

Kirk Littleton joins as Sales Director

Among the myriad players in the mutual fund space, FundGuard has a bold vision for its asset management platform. Using AI and advanced cloud technology, FundGuard is able to offer an innovative and scalable investment management solution. FundGuard manages both traditional and alternative investments and it’s a cinch to see why the world’s biggest asset managers, banks and insurance companies have invested in the company. This is all in addition to the fact that the company is located in New York.

Among the most notable is the fact that FundGuard has attracted more than $16 million in venture capital funding, led by some of the industry’s most notable names. In addition, the company has signed up several of the world’s largest fund administrators and has also built an intelligent, cloud-native platform which promises to boost investment performance. In addition to its proprietary technology, FundGuard has also partnered with some of the most innovative companies in the industry to bring you the best of both worlds.

Alan Schneider joins as Sales Director

Founded in 2018, FundGuard is a fintech startup that uses modern cloud and AI capabilities to help asset servicing operations run more efficiently. It has a vision to transform the underserved market. It offers a SaaS investment management platform for asset managers. It has a bold plan to meet the growing demand for alternative funds.

It has an AI-powered SaaS platform that helps asset managers and fund administrators manage their funds. Its technology enables asset managers to reduce fees and offer new products. Its platform is designed to manage ETFs, mutual funds and other alternative investments. The company employs 20 people in its Tel Aviv headquarters. FundGuard’s technology also has the capability to help asset managers enhance transparency, boost investment performance and increase efficiency. It is the first of its kind in the financial services industry to combine modern cloud and AI capabilities.

Among th other fintech companies that have sprung up in the last decade, FundGuard has stood out for its AI-powered SaaS platform. The company has partnerships with several of the world’s largest fund administrators and has created a cloud-native platform that helps asset managers manage their funds better. Its technology also enables asset managers to offer cryptocurrencies and other new products to their clients.

The platform automates fund management and administration

Using AI-powered technology, FundGuard is disrupting legacy operating models. Its advanced investment accounting solution and cloud-based investment funds solution automate fund management and administration. This fully automated solution helps to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. It enables a streamlined and agile workflow, and it supports new product and service development.

FundGuard’s AI-powered platform is designed to help asset managers automate fund management and administration, and to boost investment performance. The platform supports multiple asset classes, including equities, fixed income, mutual funds, and alternative investments. FundGuard’s AI-powered algorithms perform portfolio validation checks, perform anomaly detection, and detect data mismatches. It also enables managers to add layers of oversight, automates investment news research, and executes reporting, reconciliation, and exception management. The system is cloud-native, agile, and scalable, and it is designed to be resilient in the face of an ongoing industry transformation.

FundGuard is backed by Blumberg Capital, LionBird Ventures, and Team8. The investment will enable the company to expand its platform and address the demand from insurers, alternative funds, and other asset managers.

The investment management platform replaces decades-old solutions

Founded in Israel in 2018, FundGuard is building an AI-powered SaaS investment management platform. The company is replacing decades-old solutions by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). The company’s platform generates actionable insights and streamlines workflows. It also supports operations automation.


With a global asset servicing platform, FundGuard aims to improve investment performance and operational efficiency. It also helps asset managers manage their investments, including hedge investments. Using AI, the company is able to detect anomalies, streamline workflows and improve operational efficiency. Its services include fund accounting, portfolio analytics and contingency net asset value. The company recently announced a strategic partnership with State Street.

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