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VIPMusic is a music software application that enables users to discover and play the latest and greatest in virtual instruments. The application combines a virtual instrument with a hardware keyboard controller to give users a hands-on experience. Users can easily change the key effect parameters, load four VST effects into each channel, and discover and play new musical possibilities. In addition to the standard VST plugins, the application includes user-friendly Key Control processors. This is the perfect complement to any home studio.

Moreover, the platform also offers an intelligent patch browser. The VIP website has a feature that allows users to find and browse the most impressive patches in the database, based on several factors, including timbre, instrument type, and style. The most effective way to use this feature is by selecting a suitable keyboard controller. With this combination, users will have a fully optimised workflow.

Similarly, the VIP multi-tasking feature provides a quick way to layer 8 instruments together, while the Scales functionality helps users get the most out of their scales. It even automatically converts incoming MIDI note data to the appropriate scale. For the best results, it’s advisable to use a suitable keyboard controller that supports VIP. Fortunately, the VIP Multi is compatible with a wide range of keyboards and controllers.

Aside from the aforementioned intelligent patch browser, the VIP Music app also includes Scales and Pad Chord Progressions. These functions are designed to enhance the performance of the most popular VST plugins. They can be used to add humanized flams, create pad chord progressions, or modify note velocity. By combining these features, you can achieve a fuller sonic experience.

Other features include a built-in music reference database, an automated keyboard control system, and a comprehensive set of user-generated setlists. The latter provides users with on-demand access to user-curated instruments. Using these functions, users can quickly recall any Multi or Patch they need, and make the most of their creativity.

Although the product is not available on the App Store, it is possible to download and install a Mod APK version. To do so, users must first uninstall the original VIPMusic version and then install the Mod APK. After the installation process, users should enable “Unknown sources” in order to run the mod. However, this may not be the most optimal solution. If this is the case, users might as well download the real thing. Alternatively, users can buy the full version of the application and enjoy all of its features.


Compared to its competitors, the VIP Music app is clearly the best. With its user-friendly functionality, it’s easy to understand why it’s a hit with both musicians and producers alike. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, the VIP app’s capabilities will certainly improve your performance and creative output. You might even be able to add your own touch to your favorite tracks. Best of all, the application is priced at an affordable price. So, go ahead and upgrade your musical arsenal with VIP today!

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