A film aggregator is a third-party solution that can aid you to obtain your short, movie, or series dispersed on systems consisting of Google Play, Amazon, Sony PlayStation Network, as well as iTunes.

On these systems, consumers can then purchase your content. Some movie aggregators might also aid you via the encoding procedure, as well as create possessions like calls or captions for your film.


You may be asking yourself: what is the distinction between aggregators and distributors? Distributors manage all the circulation, or at least within particular areas, and typically advertising and marketing for that film.

Film collectors, contrarily, usually only help in obtaining your job published to networks where your project can be purchased.

The factor is, you/your production group will be having in-depth conversations about your movie’s goals working with a distributor contrasted to a lot of film aggregators.

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Definitely, a huge about regarding picking a movie aggregator is down to set you back. Every movie aggregator is distinct because they all offer unique rate models, which might be right for your project.

Movie aggregators generally but in among three methods:

  • A Once Service Fee: Where you pay the solution upfront, as well as maintain 100% of the revenue your task generates.
  • A Cut of the Backend: Where you share the per cent of a movie’s profit, commonly 10%, after expenses earn money completely.
  • A Hybrid of the Two Over Where you pay the service upfront and the aggregator takes a backend cut.

Before agreeing to deal with an aggregator, ask one of their distributors how they manage client nobilities. If it’s not in a separate account, that’s a sparkling warning.


Like basically anything else in the movie industry, word of mouth is commonly the best means to obtain attached.

Various other filmmakers, entertainment attorneys, as well as sales agents, can all be fantastic resources for getting in touch with the appropriate aggregator for your task.

Before collaborating with any kind of movie collector, be sure to ask what various other manufacturers they’ve dealt with. Ask how they assisted those manufacturers to attain their goals. After that, request them to give recommendations you can reach out to.

Ask their references about:

  • Their experience working with the aggregators
  • If their task made a profit
  • What type of promises did the movie collector made in advance
  • How the movie collector did, or really did not, provide

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