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Did you know that the interior design of your bedroom has an impact on the quality of your sleep? Here you can find out which interior tricks will make your sleep even more restful so you have more energy to play live casino 20bet.

Good sleep is important so that our body can regenerate and we have enough strength for the new day. But that’s easier said than done: According to the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (DGSM), 20 to 30 percent of all Germans suffer from occasional sleep disorders. For many, tossing and turning, waking up too early, or restless sleep are unfortunately part of the norm. The causes of sleep disorders are many and varied, but sometimes the answer lies in the way our bedroom is set up. After all, we can only get some rest if we feel comfortable within our own four walls.


1. banish the workplace from the bedroom

The bedroom is a place of rest. Therefore, anything that reminds you of work should be banished immediately. A desk has no place in the bedroom, nor does paperwork. If you have no other option due to lack of space, you should make sure to keep your workspace as tidy as possible and store work materials out of sight after work. A room divider or curtain can also work wonders.

2. create more coziness

The cozier a room, the more comfortable we feel in it. So set up your bedroom to be as cozy as possible. Bare walls can be decorated with pictures, blankets and pillows provide an extra cuddle factor and several small light sources in the room radiate a feel-good atmosphere. By the way, colors like night blue, dark green or petrol have a particularly calming effect. But warm beige and cream tones are also very welcome in the bedroom.

3. no electrical appliances

Experts recommend banning any electrical appliances from the bedroom. Although it is not scientifically proven that electromagnetic radiation makes us sleep worse, those who want to be on the safe side, should not put TV and Co. in the bedroom. If there is no other option, then the plug should be pulled out at night in any case and the smartphone should also be switched off.

4. The right bed position

The position of our bed also has an influence on our sleep. This is very subjective and should therefore be adjusted individually. Most people find it comfortable to sleep with their head against the wall and the door in view. But a freestanding bed can also add that certain something to a room. Try different positions, for example with an air bed that you can move back and forth before deciding on your final bed position.

5. good room scent

A good room scent creates a relaxing climate and can help relieve stress and calm you down. Lavender, rose or vanilla, for example, have a particularly calming effect. Hang up small scented sachets or place a few decorative scent sticks on your bedside table.

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