Your vacation is coming soon or you are already planning your next trip? These 4 travel gadgets should not be missing in your suitcase. Do not worry, these items are allowed in hand luggage for any airline. As the latest vave casino review.

Many take advantage of the cold and gloomy January to escape the daily grind. Whether it’s a long-distance trip or a city break, the main thing is to see something different and not think about home for a few days. If your vacation is also imminent, you should go through your packing list again: What needs to go in my hand luggage? Do I have everything safely stowed in my suitcase? What do I need on site? In this article, we’ll show you 4 useful travel gadgets that will make your vacation even more relaxing and enjoyable.


How do you go about packing your suitcase? Do you have a checklist with all the important things you need to take with you? Or do you just throw the things into the travel bag that spontaneously come to mind? No matter how you pack your suitcase: Don’t forget these 4 travel gadgets.

1. mini speakers

You can only really get into the mood with the right vacation playlist. And we love to listen to it loud! This tiny little Bluetooth speaker fits in any carry-on and provides the perfect sound on your trip. Best of all, you can even use it as a remote shutter release for your phone camera or as a speaker for your Windows PC.

2. smartphone and tablet holder

Whether on the train or on the plane, holding your smartphone or tablet in your hand for long periods of time is quite annoying. This useful travel gadget literally takes it off your hands. With the flexible Air Flip, you can place your phone, tablet or eBook reader just the way you need it.

3. vacuum bag and pump

When packing a suitcase, normally people freak out. Because obviously the things did not all fit in or the zipper could not be closed at the end. The practical solution is vacuum packing. This compresses the luggage so that more space remains for other things. It definitely will make your life easier.

4. portable travel bidet

Other countries, other customs – so also on the toilet. Not everywhere toilet paper is used and in some places stand-up toilets are also common for women. As a European, this can be irritating and lead to hygienic problems if you are used to it differently. The remedy is a portable travel bidet. It is foldable, takes up hardly any space and can be used anywhere and discreetly.

Conclusion: With these useful travel gadgets, your vacation will be a complete success.

Every trip, whether it’s a long weekend or a road trip lasting several weeks, requires a bit of preparation. Now you know which travel gadgets you should definitely not do without. 

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