WhoCallMe Review: To Know Who Called Me from This Number

Has an unknown number been harassing you with calls, and would you like to find out who it is? There are many ways to find out who owns a phone number using call platforms like WhoCallMe. If the number has called you more than once, you would naturally be wondering who it could be. For the person to have called several times, it could mean they have something important to tell you.

However, it could also mean a dedicated scammer looking for their next victim. Therefore, you want to know who is calling you before you pick up the call. 

WhoCallMe offers different methods by which you can find out who is calling you, including but not limited to their phone number. Let’s look at a quick review of WHoCallMe, what the site does, and what type of information you can get.

WhoCallMe Overview: What Is the Platform About?

How would you like to not be confused or bothered about the identity of that unknown caller? With WhoCallMe, it is not only possible; it is incredibly easy. You are not doing any investigative work or supplying personal information in forms; you only need the phone number. Once you provide the digits, the system’s algorithms will do the rest for you – free of charge and within seconds.

If you’ve ever asked, “how can I know who called me from this number?” WhoCallMe is your best bet. It offers free and affordable access to an extensive records database. While this may sound like some investigative work, it is not. WhoCallMe does not offer private investigator services or provide consumer rating reports. You can only use this site to find the true identity of an unknown caller and decide what to do with the call.

What Are the Methods of Tracing a Caller on WhoCallMe

We’ve mentioned that there is more than one way to trace a caller on WhoCallMe. Now, let’s find out the different methods and how exactly you can use them:

Through Phone Number Search

You can identify your caller by looking up the unknown number on the search box following these simple steps below:

  1. Open your preferred browser and go to the official website of WhoCallMe;
  2. You will see a search bar on the website’s homepage right at the top. Input the target number into the box in the “look up” section and click on the search icon located on the side;
  3. The search will be activated once you click the search button; wait a few seconds for your results. If you get more than one result, go through them to choose the most appropriate one.

Area code Search

You can also find out who called you by checking the area code on the Phone Number Directory on WhoCallMe. The area code is quite significant when it comes to finding out the identity of who called you from an unknown number. To use this method, go through the list of area codes on the website to find your target number. When you do, click on it, and you will get detailed information about the number and its owner.

Information to Expect from Using WhoCallMe Reverse Phone Lookup Services

There is a wide range of information you can get from using the phone lookup services of WhoCallMe, including:

  • The full name of the owner of the unknown number calling you;
  • Details on the acquaintances and friends of the unknown caller, especially those you have in common with them – if any;
  • The caller’s residential and work addresses, email addresses, and social media handles on all platforms, and
  • If the caller has alternative phone numbers, a reverse phone lookup on WhoCallMe will display them for you.

What Are the Benefits of Using WhoCallMe to Check Out Who Called You?

There are many services like WhoCallMe out there; the question is, what makes this service stand out? Several benefits come with using WhoCallMe to identify your caller, including the following:

Free to Use

The website is 100% free, meaning you can look up a thousand phone numbers without spending a dime. While the site features third-party links and gets commissions for purchases you make, the phone number lookup itself is completely free.

Reliable Results

The WhoCallMe website has an extensive database containing millions of public data records, including government and social media records. It means the information you get on this page as you check out who is calling you is accurate and reliable.

Fast Processing Time

WhoCallMe has an incredibly fast processing time; you will get your search results within seconds to a few minutes. How long it takes depends on the information you seek, but it generally only takes minutes.

Different Number Tracing Methods

Many call platforms like this only let you look up a caller by searching their phone numbers. However, WhoCallMe offers different methods of tracing and verifying unknown numbers; for instance, you can search by area code.

24/7 Services

The website’s services are available 24/7, meaning you can use the site anytime. Whether the caller called in the middle of the night or while at work, you can look them up on WhoCallMe.


What Other Methods Can You Use to Find Out Who Called You?

Using the old-fashioned reverse phone lookup, you can check out who is calling you. However, other methods you can use besides that include through their area code, Google, social media, and voicemail records.

Is WhoCallMe Safe to Use?

WhoCallMe is entirely safe to use; the site prioritizes the security and privacy of its users. First, you will not be asked to provide personal information, not even your name. Thus, there is no way for the phone number owner to know if someone looked them up or who did. All your searches on the WhoCallMe site are 100% confidential and anonymous.


WhoCallMe is a call platform that aims to provide unrestricted and affordable access to public information. It is a free reverse phone lookup service aiming to put an end to the frustration of not knowing who is calling you.

If an unknown number is calling you, copy the number, type it in the search box on the site, and search. With whatever information you get from the search, you can decide whether to pick up the call, ignore it, or block the caller.

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