Why & How to keep a check on your OKRs?

OKRs sound like a great way to set and track goals. OKRs are the perfect combination of ambition and realism. OKRs help in setting measurable targets that don’t leave teams feeling overwhelmed. OKRs provide a great way to measure effectiveness, summarize key takeaways and ensure that everyone is on the same page. OKRs keep team members engaged and motivated as well. OKRs may seem intimidating at first, but with dedication, practice, and time you’ll soon achieve your desired goals & master OKRs. 

Organizations are well aware of OKR best practices and the importance of setting & measuring key performance indicators for their teams. This ensures that employees are on the same page, working towards the same goal, without any confusion. OKRs have been a trending topic in organizations nowadays because they can be used to set clear goals and help achieve them within a specified timeline.

How to keep a check on your OKRs?

A monthly 1:1 with your manager is a great way to make sure you are on track and that you feel good about your work.

You can do a monthly 1:1 with your manager to ensure that you are on track. Some of the things you can talk about with your manager are Objectives, recent events, job satisfaction, performance feedback, professional development, career goals, and so on.

A monthly 1:1 will help you make sure that you feel good about the time and effort that you have put into your work. It will also allow for discussion of current news in the industry or any other topics which might not be covered in regular meetings or calls.

Here is why it is essential to keep a check on your OKRs-

  • To keep OKRs relevant & updated- 

It is important to keep a constant check on your OKRs so that they stay relevant & updated. Keeping tabs on OKRs helps to ensure that those goals remain relevant and up-to-date. When you keep OKRs updated they give your business an outstanding edge in the market. So next time you feel like something is missing in your game plan, remember to take a look at your OKRs they’ll surely put you back on track!

  • To keep everyone on the same page & focused on their goals –

Employees should know exactly what they need to do to achieve success. Keeping a check on OKRs provides focus to every employee. It helps employees understand what’s required to reach the desired outcome. Also, It is proven that updated goals always bring clarity & focus to employees. 

  • To ensure alignment- 

OKRs have become the go-to tool for goal setting & team alignment. But without keeping an eye on OKRs, everyone in your team can soon find themselves going off track so it is necessary to keep a constant check on OKRs. 

  • To ensure a culture of accountability-

It is essential to keep a check on your OKRs as it brings a culture of accountability to the organization. Moreover, a culture of accountability is initiated by making sure everyone knows what their objectives are & how they can contribute to achieving them. The more detailed information you have about your company’s goals, the easier it is to measure your team’s success. 

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