Women’s Body Shape Is Changing Throughout Time, and the New Trend Is The Right One

Through time, body shapes have changed many times. Women’s bodies have actually always been under society’s radar. Since then, females have constantly been dictated how to look and which body shape was the right one. Of course, this has not changed right now. Each ten years, a new type of body becomes The reference in terms of woman’s beauty. But in recent years, a new movement called the body positive movement wants to break all these dogmas. Looking for a painless way to deal with tattoo numbing cream uk? We’ve got you covered! Our UK based online store carries the best brands in the business.

The 90’s Heroin Chic Body Type

The 90s were very harsh moments for women’s body shape. During this time, the “heroin chic” look had become popular. What did that mean? The typical body had to be extremely thin (almost anorexic), as if too many drugs were consumed, but classy at the same time.  Back then, supermodels such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell embodied this look of thinness and edginess. This look was seen as a reaction to the more “voluptuous” look of the 1980s. Despite this thinness, the 90s also saw the emergence of the “waif” look to “counterbalance” these very slim stars. Models such as Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington were the icons of this body type. They were considered to be “natural” and had more curves, although they were still thin. With modern eyes, this would be considered a joke to think that these women were “curvy”. This look was seen as being more “feminine” than the more androgynous look of the “heroin chic” models. 

2000’s, More Curves But Still Skinny

​​The 2000s saw a shift in the way women viewed their body shapes. During the early part of the decade, the focus on being thin and having a “perfect” body shape became more and more popular. This focus on physical appearance grounded even more the rise of the “waif look”. This ideal body shape was pushed onto young women, which led to an increase in the prevalence of unhealthy eating habits and body dissatisfaction. 

At the same time, a new trend began to emerge among women — the focus on being “curvy” and embracing curves. This shift in body standards was largely fueled by the popularity of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, who proudly embraced their curves and showed them off in their music videos and performances. As a result, more and more women began to accept and celebrate their body shapes. Regardless of what the media said was “ideal.” By the end of the decade, curvy women were seen as sexy and confident, and were celebrated in popular culture.

2010’s, Thick and Toned

Women’s body shape standards have changed again ten years ago for even more curves.  In 2010, there was a focus on curves and a toned body, with an emphasis on having a “thick” figure. The media and celebrities had a significant influence on body shape standards, with stars such as Kim Kardashian becoming a role model for many women. Kim’s body type was a sign of success and was seen as something to strive for. Her curves and hourglass figure were the envy of many and were replicated by many women. Her outfits were often discussed in the media and she often wore tight and revealing clothing that showed off her body. She was often praised and admired by the public and her influence on body standards was undeniable. The standards that she set encouraged many women to focus on their curves and embrace their bodies. Play the most amazing games online with HellSpin Casino New Zealand.

2020, Bulk Type

Covid-19 pandemic hit hard in 2020. People were forced to stay at home, going around in circles. Many started to workout at home, others became couch potatoes gaining more and more wait. At the exit of the pandemic, many rushed to the gym as they discovered a new passion for fitness, while others decided to lose the calories they collected during the long months of isolation. That’s how a new body type emerged. The fit/muscle body type. This new trend is going against the 90’ss super skinny and unhealthy fashion. The new fit and bulked woman is going to the gym several times a week, lifts weights, is muscular, eats a lot of calories and is healthy. 

Body Positive Movement

But 2020 and so far, has also seen the popularization of body positivity and its body positive movement.

Women are no longer expected to conform to a specific mold, but instead are encouraged to embrace their individual shape. This shift in body standards is largely due to the increase in body positivity and self-love movements, which have encouraged women to accept themselves as they are. Additionally, the rise of social media has enabled women to share their unique stories and experiences, leading to a greater understanding and appreciation of diverse body types. 2020 has seen a greater focus on celebrating all body types, rather than worshiping a single beauty ideal. This is evident in the fashion industry, where brands are increasingly offering a wide range of sizes to cater to all body shapes. Additionally, there has been a huge rise in the popularity of plus-size models and influencers, who are redefining the beauty standards of today. By celebrating all body types, women are being empowered to love and accept themselves as they are. Hopefully, this tendency will stay and become the norm for good this time.


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