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Your Guide to Advertising in New York

New York City is a marketing professional’s playground. The Big Apple is ripe with advertising opportunities virtual and physical. With over eight million residents and millions of visitors and tourists annually, there are limitless opportunities for brand exposure and sales leads. 

New York is also transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly, making it a financially lucrative location for out-of-home advertisements like New York billboards, murals, and street furniture. Residents and visitors consistently use the city’s 36 subway lines, and areas like Times Square are prime spaces to attract local and international audiences to your brand story and product launches. 

When you try to capture customers’ attention in a New York minute, there are key techniques and tricks for making your advertisements stand out.

Build Anticipation

You might try to capture the attention of an office worker riding the bus during their morning commute or a freelance artist using their laptops to buy more supplies. In both cases, you must generate excitement for your product if you’re going to make a sale or earn a subscriber.

Everywhere consumers go, brands fight for their attention, especially in bustling metropolises like New York City. Sparking curiosity and intrigue is crucial in helping them notice you rather than your competitors. 

You want to include a hook and a call to action in your advertising campaigns. You might inspire customer engagement by doing limited-time offers or countdown announcements. Some companies have generated buzz by utilizing taboos or boldly humorous characters and scenarios. You can use phrases that make customers feel like they are part of an inner circle as if you are sharing a secret. Quality products speak for themselves, but to stand out in a highly populated marketplace, you must have an original, captivating air in your advertisements.

Offer Incentives

Adding value to the customer experience is a surefire way to earn more leads and increase your revenue. You can incentivize customer engagement with discounts, free trials, and complimentary products. 

You can also use advertisements to promote a brand partnership that would interest your target audience. Blending your brand voices and developing a bundle or deal for both of your products will give each of you access to a new, established market. It would also please your customers.

Tell Your Audience How to Reach You

Your New York advertisements need to do more than tell people your brand name. They must inspire action if you’re going to witness a positive return on your investment. 

Including social media handles, links to your website, and storefront addresses is a small yet crucial step in your campaigns. You can make advertisements more interactive by including QR codes, inspiring customers to take immediate action. Additionally, you can promote events, podcasts, and radio channels where they can learn more about you.

Test Campaigns

No marketing campaign is perfect, and you’ll likely experience missed KPIs and other bumps on the road. However, marketing isn’t stagnant, and you can learn from your initial advertisements to improve your reach and share content based on customer feedback. You can implement a web banner to get directly in front of your audience.

You can run A/B tests to gauge their efficacy in OOH or digital advertisements. You might experiment with fonts, colors, and formats to understand what visual and aural cues and messages solicit positive responses from your target audience. You can go beyond numerical data and interview customers in focus groups to make major and nuanced changes to your advertising approach. 


New York City is a conglomeration of unique neighborhoods and districts. You can customize your advertisements based on their architecture, aesthetics, and lifestyle. For example, in SoHo, there are many designer boutiques and art galleries, so you might adapt your wallscapes and billboards to reflect the neighborhood’s creative flair. If you’re advertising in Brooklyn, you might take advantage of its history and proximity to the JFK International Airport. Times Square is the place to flaunt your digital billboards and video marketing, keeping your content relevant and timely. 

Be Personal

Advertising is a sales tactic, but more than that, it builds personal connections and establishes a loyal customer base. You can accomplish this by segmenting your audience whenever possible. 

Audience segmentation means sharing content based on where recipients are in the customer journey. For example, let’s say you’ve set up an email subscription list. Customers who have joined the list to learn more about your brand or access a promo code but have yet to purchase would benefit from a welcome email. You can briefly share your brand mission, thank them for their interest in subscribing to your newsletter, and provide next steps, like visiting your website or reading customer testimonials. Welcome emails are fantastic, but you don’t have to send them to every subscriber. 

Your list will include people who have just purchased their first product from you and consistent customers. You want to share targeted content based on their individual needs. The same logic applies to all forms of advertising. Audience segmentation keeps your ads from appearing redundant, and they show customers that you care about their individual experiences.


In the city that never sleeps, your advertisements have the chance to be seen by millions of locals and visitors. Using the above marketing tips, you skyrocket your chances to stand out.

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