10 Best Tools to Get a Free VIN Check Before Buying a Used Car

Carrying out a VIN before buying a used car is essential to ensure you are getting the best deal from the purchase. It will also help you avoid buying cars with hidden damages, which would later damage your car ownership experience. 

One of the best tools to get a free VIN check before buying a used car is a Free VIN Check. This service lets you quickly identify risks and problems from its instant results. You can determine odometer rollbacks, VIN validity, lemons, and other significant risks associated with a used car within minutes. Below you can also find some of the 10 best tools to get a free VIN check before buying a used car:

  1. Free VIN Check
  2. Mercedes VIN Decoder
  3. VIN Number Lookup
  4. BMW VIN Decoder
  5. EpicVIN
  6. carVertical
  7. AutoCheck
  9. Bumper
  10. Cebia

1. Free VIN Check

Whenever you want to buy a used vehicle, it is vital to use a tool such as Free VIN Check to avoid buying cars with hidden problems. This tool can generate vehicle reports, which by looking at them at a glance, you can quickly detect risks, you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

For example, you can identify lemon cars. Lemons are vehicles with significant mechanical problems and require a lot of time and resources to repair. By relying on vehicle reports on condition and accident history from this site, you can easily identify whether a car is a lemon.

Using this platform, you can benefit in several ways, including instant results in a few seconds, comprehensive reports, Zero-cost VIN lookup, and authentic and updated data.  

2. Mercedes VIN Decoder

All the Mercedes-Benz cars from the current lineup have their 17-character Mercedes-Benz VIN. Using the custom-made Mercedes-Benz VIN Decoder, you can decode this VIN to learn everything about this vehicle, including the vehicle’s history if it has been used before. 

For example, this decoder can provide information on reports of theft, maintenance history, accident history, discrepancies in the odometer readings, and ownership history. This tool is handy when you want to decode the VIN to find the Mercedes-Benz parts or confirm with the local registries.

What sets this tool apart is the reliable data it can pull out on any Mercedes-Benz vehicle. This tool ensures that there are no cases of unverifiable information because thanks to its extensive access to official records, it can update its databases regularly as needed.

3. VIN Number Lookup

VIN Number Lookup is a fully accessible 24/7 service that comes with a user-friendly interface for conveniently conducting a VIN search.

Here you can learn about the make and model of any vehicle, its manufacturing details, recall and safety information, computer and connectivity options, and so much more.

This platform values privacy and confidentiality – you don’t have to worry about any of your search data being available to unwanted third parties. What most people love about this service are its comprehensive vehicle reports that cover detailed information on the vehicle’s steering type, transmission, odometer readings, manufacturing faults, damage, and technical data.  

Their customer support is also readily available if you encounter any issues when performing a search.

4. BMW VIN Decoder

Specifically designed to decode the VINs of any BMW vehicle, the BMW VIN Decoder can help you access extra and vital details on this brand.

What you’ll love about this tool is its ability to guide you when you’re buying a vehicle, especially a second-hand one. It comes with sophisticated and easy-to-use VIN decoding features, which can help you as a potential buyer to make the needed choice when buying the vehicle.

The platform can generate robust information about any BMW vehicle, including theft records, maintenance requirements, countries where it was previously registered, and the vehicle’s spec details.

This platform also guarantees the safety and privacy of the data search data entered on the site. Due to their secure and encrypted security features, you cannot run the risk of compromising your data to any unwanted party when you use it to decode your vehicle.

5. EpicVIN

Is EpicVIN legit? EpicVIN is approved by NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System). Therefore, it is a legitimate and safe platform for conducting a VIN check on any VIN.

EpicVIN has been serving customers who require VIN checks and other vehicle information since 2012. Over the past decade, it has established a great reputation that pushes it as one of the best VIN check services.

Their vehicle reports are undeniably accurate and reliable simply because their databases are updated in real-time and also come from some of the most trustworthy U.S. databases, including NMVTIS. You can check all sorts of vehicle information in real time. 


Q1: Why Do You Need a VIN verification

Most people take VIN verification to mean the same thing as a vehicle history report. Please Note that a VIN verification is different from a history report. It refers to an inspection of the year, make, model, BTM, Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR), presence of the Federal Certification Label, emissions Label, and most importantly, the VIN and where it is located.

A VIN verification is required in some scenarios, for example:

  • When a vehicle has fallen off of the DMV’s database
  • When a vehicle‘s body configuration has changed, requiring a new body type model (BTM)
  • And for the case of a foreign or out-of-state vehicle

Q2: What Is the Best Way to Check a VIN Number

Free VIN Check offers one of the best ways to check a VIN simply because of its access to billions of vehicle records, which ensures that you only get comprehensive and accurate reports. It also offers a simple and seamless way to check a VIN from any vehicle.  


Try out Free VIN Check, and in just a few seconds, you will learn a great deal of information about your potential vehicle. This information typically includes the actual mileage of the vehicle, its theft records, the number of owners it has had in the past, and whether it was owned by any car rental service. Best of all, you can access this information without breaking the bank.

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