8 Of The Top YouTube Video Downloader For Windows!

Many individuals use YouTube today to view, enjoy, remark on, and distribute videos on various platforms, including computers, mobile devices, and tablets. YouTube has stolen the spotlight above other video-sharing websites since it emerged on the internet. In this guide, we’ll showcase 8 of the best YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Windows, so you can rapidly and at a high standard grab YouTube videos on your windows device. Continue reading if you’re interested in finding out more!

1.   BTCLod

If you find it complex to find a platform compatible with Windows, worry less, as BTCLod is the answer to your needs. BTCLod is a versatile YouTube video downloader with millions of users across the globe. It has an intuitive interface with millions of music and video archive. It is free from redirections and pop-up ads that might disturb your browsing and downloading experience. There are no forced registrations that might endanger your personal information, as the site allows you to privately and unlimitedly browse and download. Is there a catch about this platform? I believe none since its malware free and only supports minimal advertisements that keep the website functioning and accessible. You can access it across different devices without cost!

2.   Cisdem Video Converter

Users of Windows should not ignore Cisdem Video Converter. It is a potential all-purpose tool that can acquire videos from more than a thousand video-sharing services at lightning speeds while maintaining top-notch. Cisdem Video Converter is among the top  YouTube video downloader for Windows devices, which can easily download YouTube videos in high resolutions. Due to its versatility, you may convert the acquired YouTube videos to more than 600 different video and audio configurations and gadgets with various customizing options. Although it combines the functions of a downloader, converter, and extractor, it has an uncomplicated user interface so that anybody can use it. Although given its excellent features, it’s impractical for individuals on a budget as it has monthly fees. A free trial only offers three conversions or downloads on your computer.

3.   MassTube

Since YouTube offers so many clips, it should be no shock that a few of them may be highly beneficial to you and that you’d want to download them offline so you can view them with no restrictions. You may try using MassTube to save YouTube videos. MassTube is a lightweight yet efficient High definition YouTube downloader that can easily extract videos from the site. It allows you to save YouTube videos in HD 720P, Full HD 1080P, UHD 4K, and 8K versions in MP4, WebM, and other video formats. It is for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 users with an embedded history manager. Its major drawback is it might be incompatible with Windows 11 users.

4.   Clip Converter

Does downloading Youtube clips from your computer need the installation of desktop applications? No, a webpage on the internet would do. One such is Clip Converter. It is a web-based program, so as long as you have a browser, you are welcome to use it whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS. The clip Converter does the task. It supports a range of video resolutions, spanning 480P to 8K. No need to sign-up for an account, so staying anonymous while browsing the website is possible. Unfortunately, Clip Converter can download music-containment videos, particularly those with the Vevo label, and it does not enable downloading YouTube 60fps videos at resolutions higher than 1080P. Its drawback might be the pop-up advertisements and redirections appearing while converting and downloading YouTube videos on the website.

5.   Airy

When saving YouTube HD & UHD movies, Airy is among the best YouTube video downloaders for Windows XP/7/8/10/11. You may quickly download the clip to your gadget by simply copying and pasting the URL into the search box, choosing the best video quality, and choosing where to save it. Airy is available between Windows and Mac editions. By its UI, it’s easy to assume that Airy must be a supporter of minimalism. This design is entirely functional, except for the essential features a downloader needs. The drawback of Airy is that consumers may only acquire two videos for free to see if it meets their demands. If you enjoy it, you may purchase it. If you do, you’ll be able to obtain countless videos at once or a whole collection at once. You get what you pay for, in any case.

6.   Kastor All Video Downloader

With an integrated search engine, Kastor All Video Downloader should be the most efficient YouTube video downloader for Windows 7/8/10/11. The program allows you to look for and acquire any clip without a browser. In addition, you may see the video online before saving it, which will astonish you with its rapid speed since there is no restriction. This application provides access to more than 190 web pages. Additionally, Kastor Video Downloader works with a wide range of adult websites, making it a lifesaver for anyone looking to download and save stunning high-definition videos to MP4 for their gadgets.

7.   Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader was created as a specialized video downloader for Windows users because it is a multifunctional application. You may also set a download speed restriction that you are comfortable with while it’s downloading. Furthermore, if you choose Onedrive or Cloud Storage as a usual storage, it may move YouTube videos to the cloud.

The 4 Mbps fast download constraint and logo at the start and conclusion of each video are among the restrictions of the free edition of Freemake Video Downloader. You can remove the logo once you purchase the paid version, and the download rate will be unrestricted. One-click downloading is another feature that Freemake Video Downloader develops.

8.   YouTube Downloader Pro

If a YouTube video is well-liked and of an excellent standard, it merits being stored offline and kept for later use. The last application I’d like to discuss is YouTube Downloader Pro, which lets you save YouTube videos to your desktop. It is among the top virus-free programs for computer video downloads and conversions. This utility is very user-friendly and has a multiprocessing acceleration that can increase download rates by up to 50%. Although it might sound ideal, its interface might be confusing for you as there are many buttons on the platform.


Windows is a famous operating system used for laptops and computers. Despite its popularity, only a few safe applications are accessible to Windows. We hope this guide helped you find the best YouTube Video Downloader for your Windows device!

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