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Genies is a virtual company that is building an online marketplace for virtual goods. It will launch its secondary market in 2021. Users will be able to buy and sell these products with their Genies avatar. It will be like a digital portable identity that can be used anywhere on the Internet. Users will be able to purchase items such as spirit animal creature heads, Bitcoin-inspired spacesuits, or a fantastical warrior outfit.

Bond led the round

Bond led a round at 22 genies, which was co-founded by Mary Meeker in 2018. The company has raised over $3.25 billion in two funds and plans to use the money to build a digital goods marketplace based on Dapper Lab’s Flow platform. Flow is a blockchain platform that allows users to buy and sell nonfungible digital items.

The startup is launching a secondary digital goods marketplace in 2021. It will allow users to sell, buy and trade the creations that they make using the NFT technology. These creations will be minted on a blockchain network owned by Dapper Labs. In addition, Genies will use the capital to hire engineers and invest in its core technology.

Genies’ avatar is a virtual portable identity

Genies, a startup that raised $65 million in seed funding, is working on avatar creator technology. The avatar creator allows consumers to create their own avatars, a virtual portable identity. The company’s mission is to become the first company that offers a complete virtual identity. The company has started digitizing celebrities during events and guest appearances. The company uses these likenesses to generate revenue and help celebrities earn even when they are not available for appearances.

Aside from making it easier to share personal details, Genies also offers a marketplace where users can design their own avatars. There are many categories to choose from: brand and celebrity marketplaces, fashion, and fantastical accessories. Users can also choose hairstyles and body types.

Genies has plans to open a secondary market for its avatars in 2021. These avatars can be used anywhere on the Internet. They also feature clothing that users can buy and sell. The technology is flexible and can be customized to match a user’s style and personality.

The company has worked with major music labels to develop avatars for their musicians. Some of their clients include Rihanna, Justin Bieber, J Balvin, and Shawn Mendes. Genies also has partnered with celebrities, influencers, and affiliated brands. Warner Music and UMG are among the brands that have adopted Genies’ avatars. The company is backed by Coinbase Ventures and Mary Meeker.

The company is currently beta-testing its platform for a larger consumer base. The company also recently raised $65 million in Series B funding. Its goal is to create an ecosystem where users can create and trade digital avatars. The NFT market will also allow users to create and sell their tokenized avatars.

The creation of digital avatars is a burgeoning business. The creation of these avatars provides a new way for consumers to express themselves and brands to engage with diverse audiences. Aside from its avatars, Genies offers a mobile application for avatar creation, an SDK for brands, and an online marketplace. To use the technology, developers must first obtain access to the SDK.

The company also partnered with Dapper Labs to create a Genies marketplace on the Flow blockchain. This NFT-based marketplace launched in December last year to invite-only beta users. The Genies studio app lets users create and modify their avatars, buy digital fashion items, and customize them in the way they see fit. The company hopes to phase out the platform to the general public over the next few months.

It will be a marketplace for creators to sell their creations

The new online marketplace will be a hub for creators to create limited edition fashion and design items. The company has raised $100 million from investors including BOND, NEA, Breyer Capital, and Tull Investment Group. The marketplace will allow users to customize their avatars and create limited edition digital goods. In addition, it will enable celebrities to sell their products.

Genies plans to launch its secondary digital goods market in 2021. The marketplace will offer users avatars they can use anywhere on the internet. Genies will also sell virtual fashion items, including spirit animal creature heads. Users can also customize their avatars with their favorite clothing.

The company aims to use its celebrity association to attract more creators to its marketplace. It will also take a percentage of the sales made on its platform. With this money, it plans to expand into other platforms. It will also help creators design digital goods and will use user data to guide its design decisions. The company is aiming to enable users to customize their avatars anywhere on the web and monetize the service by charging for it.

NFT marketplace enables creators to sell their creations

The NFT marketplace is a new type of digital marketplace that allows creators to sell their creations for a fee. This digital platform is empowering digital creators and making blockchain technology easier to use. It also provides benefits for all creators. The founders saw a huge disparity in the value of digital creators and decided to level the playing field for the digital community. In exchange for 15% of the sale price, creators receive 10% of their creation’s value in return.

There are a few ways to start selling NFTs. First, content creators can start an online gallery to display their NFTs and interact with other collectors. Secondly, they can sell NFTs by creating them on Mintable. Mintable is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace that allows creators to sell and buy NFTs. Mintable pays creators a commission from sales of NFTs.

NFT marketplaces have different features, and some of them require a gas fee for every action. Gas fees are a form of compensation for the computing energy required to process each transaction. The gas fees can be as high as 15% of the total sale price. In addition, some NFT marketplaces offer a fixed price solution. This is a good option for collectors as it means they don’t have to worry about dropping prices or waiting for auctions. However, collectors must pay attention to the price format since it is often expressed as decimal values of the cryptocurrency. Further, the NFT marketplace doesn’t always accompany the fixed price with a fiat value, and it’s important to choose the right platform based on its specific features.

OpenSea is another NFT marketplace that offers a simplified approach to selling NFTs. This marketplace also allows users to sell and buy fine art as well as gaming skins. OpenSea also offers escrow services and mailing labels for physical goods. Unlike other NFT marketplaces, OpenSea charges no fees for sellers and charges buyers only 3.5%.

The Rarible NFT marketplace is another popular choice. It has fewer obstacles for creators than Ethereum-based platforms. However, its user interface is confusing for artists. It also uses its own token called RARI. This token is important in rewarding users who are active on the platform.

NFT marketplaces are another great option for digital artists. These platforms make selling their creations a lot easier. NFTs can be easily created online, and a user can browse through a listing of NFT marketplaces and bid on a particular item. However, creators must know which NFT marketplace is best for them.

NFTs are digital tokens with unique properties. Unlike traditional currencies, NFTs are not convertible. Trading them will result in a different digital asset. NFTs have the potential to transform the crypto and art worlds. By eliminating intermediaries, NFTs can connect content creators with audiences and offer blockchain-generated certificates of authenticity.


The company hopes to compete with Snapchat’s Bitmoji, which popularized sticker-like cartoon avatars. The company also plans to team up with dozens of other companies to allow users to take their Genie with them across the Internet. In addition to Facebook, Genies has partnered with Giphy, a platform with 700 million users. The company also plans to partner with hundreds of other companies to use its SDK, enabling Genie avatars to function as digital portable identities.

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