How To Receive OTP On Virtual Number For SMS

Mobile technologies have gone far in the last few years. Nowadays there are many various solutions in different spheres including telephony. One of them is the virtual number for SMS. This tool is popular among millions of internet users around the world. Even though it has multiple use cases, most often it is used in order to receive OTP for registration on online services. It is useful when there is no option to use a personal phone number or if it is needed to make multiple accounts on the same platform. Here is how to take advantage of that feature.

What is called a virtual phone number?

Virtual numbers do not strongly differ from real phone numbers in terms of functionality. They are also assigned to specific SIM cards and operate in the network of an existing mobile carrier, which determines the cost of their use. Unlike physical phone numbers, however, virtual phone numbers are used online via the internet.

You do not need a SIM card or a mobile phone. Using a virtual number takes having any modern device including a personal computer with an internet connection. With it, you will be able to receive text messages and even make calls as well as sign up for all social networks, instant messengers, and other services quickly and easily.

This is achieved by connecting virtual phone numbers to special servers with GSM modems, GoIP gateways, and other appropriate devices. Platforms that provide virtual numbers for receiving SMS online usually work in exactly this way. Special people called providers insert SIM cards from different countries into their devices and connect them to the servers of these platforms so that other people can sign up for different websites and apps with phone numbers assigned to connected SIM cards.

Simple reception

Getting a real mobile number is always a bureaucratic process. You have to spend time in the queue and fill out a lot of paperwork to get it. These steps take time and nerves. Virtual numbers don’t do this. When buying a virtual phone number, this is not the case at all. Just sign up for the platform that offers this service, enter the minimum details, and get the opportunity to use virtual numbers from different countries right away. Here are also some other advantages of this feature:

  • Low cost. Most of the time, it costs less than a dollar to receive a verification code with a virtual phone number.
  • High level of privacy. Virtual numbers cannot be tracked and don’t represent any information about their users.
  • Global availability. It is possible to get a virtual phone number when located anywhere in the world. Your social status or financial means don’t matter.

There are many points that make the use of virtual numbers worthwhile. But the best part of them is that at this moment anyone can use them online through special platforms in minutes.

Getting a virtual number

It is very easy to do today. Using services from SMS-Man everyone can enjoy virtual phone numbers for receiving SMS over the internet from any website or app in just a few minutes. This platform offers a simple and convenient solution at an affordable price for those who need to register for various online services without using their personal phone number. Here are detailed instructions on what to do:

  1. Go to the homepage of and register an account.
  2. Replenish the balance with some funds using any option from the payment page.
  3. Open the homepage again and select the country of the virtual number.
  4. Find the required online service among others on the list.
  5. Purchase a virtual phone number.

You can receive SMS online with this number right after this. There is no more need to choose anything else like before. It will be available for 20 minutes and already configured to work with the appropriate website or app.

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