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Is There An Ideal Place To Install Solar Panels

Solar energy is one of the most supported initiatives nationally and globally due to climate change concerns. You will enjoy many federal and state incentives if you want to go solar. But, to get the most out of your solar system, you need to understand the basic technicalities, like the best places to install your solar panels. The solar installers at Trenton can shed light on your dilemma and provide you with the much-needed information to make the most practical choice. Here are a few places you can try out:

The Rooftop

The rooftop is one of the most convenient, safest, and most effective places to mount your solar panels. It is directly under the sun’s rays with minimal obstruction to the UV rays. However, you still need some strategic planning when it comes to placement, as not all parts of your roof are ideal for maximum solar energy output.

True South And Magnetic South

When placing solar panels on your roof, mount them facing the ‘true south’ direction. There are two types of South direction in solar energy. The most common South is the ‘magnetic South,’ which is the direction provided by a compass. But, the magnitude south may not be ideal for maximum output. The ‘true South’ is the best-suited direction based on your landscape. It is the direction your panels can receive the most UV rays. Have no worries because your solar installer will identify your’ true south’ direction during installation.

If your house does not have any part of the roof facing this direction, there are other ways you can make the most of your landscape.

Increase The Number Of Solar Panels On The East And West Parts Of The Roof

This movie may cost you more because it may require you to add more solar panels than you would need if your roof were facing south. But, the increase in the number increases the energy collected by each panel and, consequently, the output of your entire system.

Place Panels On The Sides Of Your House Facing The ‘True South.’

A cost-effective yet seemingly strange solution that allows you to maintain the same number of solar panels you would use on your roof. Pick the side of the house that faces the ‘true south’ and mount your panels there. Before you do this, check if the zoning regulation in your area allows //such additions to your property.

The Backyard

It’s the second most preferred location to place your panels after the rooftop. You may need to use ground-mounted solar panels placed at the ground level. Your solar installer will mount them on racks and slightly incline them to the best-suited direction for maximum absorption of UV rays into your solar system.

One main benefit is that this position allows you to tilt and clean your solar panels easily. Maintenance is also straightforward, and there is more efficient since they’re so close to the ground, leaving minimal room for circulation to cool the panels, unlike the rooftop.

Consider Your Solar Panels’ Angles And Inclinations.

Once you have picked a suitable location, whether it’s the rooftop, sides of the house, or backyard, take time to get the best angles; placing your panels in the wrong direction can allow tons of wasted energy. Your solar installer will advise on the best-suited inclination angle. The inclination angles should face the same direction as the roof.

Ground-mounted solar panels have more flexibility in tinting the angles. You can choose to install fixed or adjustable panels, which affects your angels significantly. Fixed panels are strong, cheap, durable, and ideal for low-pitch areas. They only need a minor adjustment when small changes are helpful in the winter.

On the other hand, adjustable panels are higher in price but will allow changes to the direction n of the panels based on the sun’s movement. Adjustable panels have

Single or double axis and have small motors that help them rotate to improve the output of a solar PV system by up to 20 or 25%, which is an impressive amount.

You can mount your solar panels in different parts of your property, including the roof, sides of the house, and backyard. Your solar installer will often advise on the most functional place. The true south is the ideal direction for maximum absorption and efficiency. You have options if your roof does not face the true south, but remember that the angles are critical in improving output. Talk to your installer to identify whether fixed or adjustable panels are the best suited for your energy needs.

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