Mixing Exterior Patterns And Textures With Your Roof

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Homeowners who want the best for themselves and their loved ones are always looking for the next improvement project. One such project is roof replacement. Roof replacement is a perfect way to protect the property from inclement weather while changing its appearance and appeal.

QE Roof Replacement, a roof replacement expert, notes that homeowners can mix their exterior patterns and textures with their roofs to create the perfect outcome. Doing this requires a bit of professional experience and expert tips. You too can combine your property’s exterior patterns and textures to create a stunning edifice by following the tips below.

Determine Your Ideal Color, Pattern, And Texture

Home improvement is a personal experience for many people. Combining the right colors, patterns, and textures depends on what each homeowner loves and what they are comfortable with.

In choosing the right blend and mix, you may need to consider what you are comfortable with and how far you are willing to push yourself. You can draw inspiration from these colors or you could challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone.

Going outside your comfort zone can be a little tricky and challenging. You don’t want to rush the process, as it can end up delivering an underwhelming result. Instead, you can start by browsing online for some inspiration.

Ensure to make a note of the colors, patterns, and textures that catch your eye.

Warm VS. Cool Colors

The color selection process is often a challenging one for many homeowners. You may often need professional help to settle on a preferred color option. However, before that, you need to decide between warm and cool colors.

Warm colors are great for making a bold statement while cool colors are great for creating a neutral and calming experience. Unsure of what to pick?

Warm Color Palette

Homes with existing warm color palettes may need the right accent blend to pull off the desired look. If your home already has a warm color palette or you’re considering one, think in the line of Aged copper, Sedona Canyon, or go for something contrasting and neutral like the Black Sable.

Cool Color Palette

The cool color palette is unlike the warm color tone. The cool color options are more common with homes and can be complemented with the right roof shingle mix of lighter or contrasting warm color tones.

Consider one to three shades lighter or deeper when planning the perfect exterior appearance. You can also consider warm colors if your home has an existing cool or neutral color.

There’s More To Texture

Choosing the perfect texture for your home can be challenging, however, you should think outside the box. Texture is more than just tactile and this means that you should consider more than the surface’s roughness, smoothness, or roundedness.

Instead, consider the subtler details in relation to the texture. More manufactured products often have textures that can be interpreted differently. Interpret the material and its texture the best way you can and combine it with others to create the perfect exterior for your home.

For example, asphalt shingles often have a sandpaper-like appearance. The appearance is also varied with cuts and granules giving the finer details to the selection. If choosing an asphalt shingle, consider the elements and other additions that deliver the perfect and complementary appearance.

Traditional vs. Modern Options

Some exterior materials, patterns, colors, and textures are associated with older and more traditional homes. Some homeowners love this appearance and appeal, especially as it gives a nostalgic feel. However, others may be more interested in a modern outlook and appearance.

A key part of your decision should be your desired outlook. Decide whether you favor the traditional look over the modern appearance or vice versa. You can then tailor your options to reflect the outcome.

While choosing between the modern and traditional theme is necessary, you can also borrow inspiration from one or another to create the perfect exterior appearance for your home.

Remember that you can get as creative as you want on this project, especially if you already have a dream plan or appearance to match up to.

Mix Profiles

Most people are scared to experiment, and that’s fine. However, getting the perfect appeal and appearance for your home sometimes means experimenting with new things. Consider mixing profiles and experimenting with textures. You can also choose two-siding home exteriors with horizontal plants on the first floor and a scallop or shake on the second floor. Shake things up and mix them for an unconventional but excellent outcome.

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