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Eldridge, an investment firm, has raised $35m in Series B funding for Cutover. Cutover is an enterprise-wide platform that enables seamless collaboration and distributed working practices. The company’s recent Series B funding round was driven by the company’s double-digit revenue growth. The company’s platform enables clients to automate work and complex releases, and ensure continuous application availability.

Cutover raises $35m in a series B round led by investment firm Eldridge

The enterprise-wide work orchestration and observability platform Cutover has raised $35 million in a series B round led by investment firms Eldridge, Index Ventures, and Sussex Place Ventures. The company was also backed by private investors such as Gokul Rajaram and Cris Conde. These investors are proving to be instrumental in Cutover’s growth. The company provides teams with a platform for planning, analyzing, and executing complex work in real-time.

Cutover specializes in helping world-leading enterprises move faster and better and serve their customers. The firm helps companies adopt a faster and more agile working style and is able to scale its platform quickly. Currently, Cutover focuses on financial services, but will expand into other industries as the year progresses.

Founder and CEO Todd Boehly and a group of investors led by Eldridge raise $35 million in a series B round. The new money will help the company continue to expand across its portfolio. Eldridge also plans to use the money to support strategic growth across its portfolio of businesses. The company has also been a major corporate partner in the Kansas Teacher of the Year program. The company awarded $2,000 to each finalist in the contest, and the winner will be announced on Nov. 23 in Wichita.

The company is also investing in content services for creators and doubling its in-house engineering team. The funding is expected to boost the company’s expansion plans and expand across five countries in Latin America. The company also intends to enter Peru, Colombia, and Mexico.

Another company that has raised a series B round is Volocopter. The company has raised a total of $322 million to date. Volocopter is a decade-old company that is developing a line of air-taxi vehicles. Its vehicle models are not yet ready for live service, but it is expected to launch these services in 2022.

Growth trajectory of Cutover

The founders of Cutover are committed to creating a software platform that enables seamless human-machine orchestration. With more than a decade of experience in business change initiatives, technology delivery, and operational resilience, they developed a platform that enables organizations to move quickly and confidently through complex work. They have gained the trust of leading global institutions and firms.

Cutover’s observability platform enables seamless collaboration between humans and machines. The company has raised $35 million in Series B funding from investors including Index Ventures, Sussex Place Ventures, Contour Ventures, and the Partnership Fund for New York City. The firm’s leadership team has a diverse portfolio, with key roles in product development, business development, and marketing.

Cutover planning typically begins with a project’s initial plan. Then, detailed cutover planning typically begins two to three months before the rollout date. Depending on the scale of the project, detailed cutover planning is done several months before rollout. During this time, the team focuses on making sure that all of the components of the project will work together. A successful cutover will also include a fallback to the previous data and system state.

A well-defined cutover plan and strategy are vital to success. These plans ensure that the transition to the new product or service is painless and the company recovers its costs and ROI quickly. The process requires a meticulous plan to ensure that all steps are considered and uncertainties are adequately accounted for. Any deviations should be communicated to relevant stakeholders to ensure a smooth and seamless cutover.

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Early implementation of the cutover plan can reduce the number of problems that must be dealt with on the day the project goes live. This is especially important when the team is implementing a large-scale enterprise software project. The company must take several steps in a specific order to ensure the software cutover is successful. The wrong steps can delay the launch of the new software and cause service issues for customers.

Before implementing cutover strategy, the team must establish roles and responsibilities. Most projects don’t have a dedicated cutover manager, so the cutover responsibility must fall under the project or programme organization. Therefore, it is important to involve all affected stakeholders in the planning and execution of cutover. The cutover plan should also include agile monitoring of cutover activities.

Company’s revenues have doubled

Cutover has doubled its investment in product and engineering to grow its platform. The company is focusing on incident response, operational risk, and increasing open API connectivity. It is also enhancing its integrations with DevOps tooling. The company plans to focus on expanding its partner ecosystem.

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Cutover is a leading enterprise-wide work orchestration platform that accelerates human-machine collaboration. The company recently announced that its Series B funding round has increased to $35 million. This new funding round will help the company scale and increase its workforce. Its technology will enable organizations to unlock the full potential of human-machine collaboration and plan complex work across the enterprise. Leading organizations are already using Cutover for various use cases, generating efficiency, visibility, and a comprehensive audit trail.

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