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Procreate brush sets

Procreate is an amazing drawing app that has taken over the world of digital art. The app is so popular, in fact, that it even has its own brush sets—and they’re free! These brushes are a great way to add some character to your drawings or sketches. And not only do you get them for free with Procreate, but they’re also compatible with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out these new brush sets today!

Watercolor brushes

Watercolor brushes are the most important type of brush for watercolor painting. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most common ones are round (like a pencil), pointed (like an eyeliner), flat and angled. The size of your watercolor brush determines how much water it can hold at once.

When choosing which shape to use for your project, think about how much detail you want to add and what kind of effect you’re going for. For example: if I’m doing an intricate drawing where I need to paint tiny details like flowers on leaves or small birds flying overhead, then I would use a round brush so that my strokes are uniform and consistent throughout all parts of my painting!

Calligraphy brushes

Calligraphy brushes are a great way to create lettering, borders, and flourishes in Procreate. They come in different sizes and shapes so you can use them for everything from small letters to big calligraphic words.

Pencil brushes

Pencil brushes are great for shading, blending and sketching. Use a soft pencil brush for softer strokes, or a hard pencil brush for harder strokes. Round pencil brushes are good for blending and flat ones are ideal for shading.

Paint brushes

The paint brush is the most versatile tool in Procreate. You can use it to paint, fill in large areas and create a soft edge. The hard edge option will give you a more defined line when you’re painting or drawing with this brush.

The soft edge option creates a smoother transition between colors when used on top of other colors (like blending). If you want to create an even softer look on top of another color but not quite as smooth as simply using the blend tool then try using the blend mode “Overlay” with this brush set!

Acrylic brushes

If you’re into acrylics, Procreate has a brush set that’s just for you. These brushes are perfect for painting with bright colors and creating abstract art. The Acrylic Brush Pack includes ten different types of acrylic brushes:

  • Acrylic Round – This brush is great for filling large areas with color or creating soft edges in your paintings. You can also use it to add texture by pulling up on the layer while painting over an area multiple times (this will create more saturated colors).
  • Acrylic Flat – This brush contains sharp edges which allow you to create precise lines or details in your artwork. Use this one sparingly because if used too much it could ruin all of your hard work!
  • Acrylic Oval – The oval shape makes this particular type of tool ideal when working with large canvases; however, even if yours isn’t very big at all then don’t worry! Because these tools are so versatile they’ll still work perfectly fine regardless of what size canvas you have available too.”

Download free procreate brush sets here!

Procreate is an amazing drawing app for iPad and iPhone. It’s incredibly powerful, and the brushes are some of the best I’ve found in any application on iOS.

In this article, I’ll show you how to download free Procreate brush sets that can be used with Procreate 4 or later (versions 2-3 will work too). If you want to make sure your device is compatible with Procreate 4 before installing it, check out my article here: How To Make Sure Your Device Is Compatible With Procreate 4.

If you’re looking for paid brush sets instead of free ones, check out this article: Where Can I Get Paid Brushes For My Drawing App?


I hope you enjoy these brushes! I know there are tons of other free brush sets out there, but these were some of my favorites. I think they have a lot of potential for creating beautiful work in Procreate, so go ahead and try them out!

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