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Stainless Steel Work Table As Necessary Equipment for Professional Kitchen

It is impossible to imagine a kitchen without a table, but a professional kitchen area can’t do without a stainless steel work table. The specificity of work at catering enterprises requires high-quality and reliable equipment with a long service life and resistance to various influences. Therefore, specialist of restaurant business prefer to install professional kitchen furniture, such as stainless steel equipment. Made of durable and environmentally friendly material, it’s an ideal solution both for intensive use and for continuous contact with food products.

Stainless steel tables – pros and cons

The advantages of a restaurant stainless steel table in a professional kitchen are obvious, including:

  • Resistance to mechanical and chemical damage, corrosion and high temperatures. Steel products are very difficult to damage. Similarly, this alloy is resistant to long-term exposure to moisture, it does not corrode. Finally, you can easily place hot on the surface without a risk of harming the tabletop;
  • Production tables are made of strong metal – stainless steel – capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures (up to 850 °C). Moreover, under the influence of such temperatures, their surface does not deform, and there are no traces, which guarantees a long service life of the equipment. So, having once invested in quality equipment, which you can buy for reasonable prices, you will get rid of hustle and bustle for many years;
  • Stainless steel kitchen equipment is very strong. It won’t break or wobble. Such furniture is designed for long years of operation;
  • Laconic design. Industrial tables made of stainless steel have well-balanced shapes and lines, thanks to this, they can perfectly fit into any interior design;
  • Any production table made of stainless steel, regardless of the modification, is equipped with adjustable legs (approximate adjustment height up to 40 mm), which guarantees its high stability on all types of floor coverings;

Eventually,  the stainless steel work table has no disadvantages. Unless you are tempted by the low price and want to buy a low-quality product with poorly finished edges. Then there is a risk of injury.

Where can you use a restaurant stainless steel table?

With the help of a stainless steel table, you can perform the following processes:

  • Processing of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.
  • Preparation of semi-finished products, their packaging and weighing.
  • Slicing and preparation of ready-to-eat products.
  • Preparation of pastries and culinary products.
  • Preparation and serving of drinks before serving, etc.

Whatever version of a stainless steel production table you choose – universal, processing or with additional shelves – you won’t lose! After all, each of them will allow to properly organize the technological process in a professional kitchen. And this, as you know, is the key to the prosperity of your business. People working in professional restaurant area can order stainless steel work tables of both standard and non-typical sizes in any design for a cafe, restaurant, hotel, or other public catering establishments.

Reasons for buying a stainless steel table

If you still hesitate about whether you need steel restaurant equipment, consider these points:

  • Firstly, you can effectively organize the work process in a professional kitchen. Secondly, the tables can serve as an auxiliary surface for placing inventory and electromechanical equipment, as well as for storing food products;
  • Stainless steel tables are produced from food grade stainless steel that meets all the standards. They are easy to wash and clean. In addition, they do not absorb extraneous odors, which is very important, because the production process in the kitchen involves working with various products;
  • Ease of care. Production steel tables don’t require special care. You won’t have to spend money on professional detergents either. The simple hygienic treatment (wash it with water and a disinfectant solution) will be enough;
  • Industrial tables made of stainless steel can be purchased for reasonable prices.

Finally, the stainless steel work table will be indispensable on a professional kitchen! Remember that you pay for the quality and long-serving life of the product!

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