Typical Mistakes That Can Hamper The Traffic On Your Website

With the internet being so vast and dynamic, it is no wonder that many people find it difficult to make their website stand out from the crowd. However, there are ways in which you can make your site more visible on search engines. This includes content creation, social media marketing, keyword research, using a websites traffic generator, and some technical aspects of web design. However, if you have been looking for ways to boost your website traffic without much success, this article will help answer some of your queries about what might be going wrong.

Having a website that doesn’t work well on mobile.

As you know, mobile-friendly websites are more popular than ever. Many people prefer to use their smartphones or tablets to visit websites, not just because they’re easier to carry around. According to studies, users who have a mobile-friendly experience are likely to stick around longer and take more action as well as be more likely to share the site with their friends on social media.

So what does this mean for you? If your website isn’t designed with mobile devices in mind, you could miss out on important traffic that could drive business growth and revenue.

No search engine optimization.

If you want your website to be found by search engines, your content must be optimized for search engines. People type keywords into a search engine when looking for something specific. The more relevant keywords you use in your content (including the title, meta description, and URL), the higher this page will rank on Google’s results pages when people search those terms.

Your title tag should describe what users will find on this page (such as “How To Build A Website”). You can also add other relevant descriptors, such as “Google” or “Facebook,” depending on who would be interested in reading this article or watching this video. It’s always helpful if these words appear within the first few sentences after clicking through from a link or thumbnail image that takes them directly into an article.

Having too many ads on your site.

Having too many ads on your site can be a turnoff for readers. You may think you need to put up as many ads as possible to make some money, but this is not true. When there are too many ads, it’s distracting for users and makes the site look spammy.

Having fewer ads means that the ones you do have are more likely to get clicked on by readers—and those clicks mean more revenue for you.

If you want to keep people on your website longer, consider putting them in a place where they won’t stick out from the rest of your content or graphics as much as they do when placed randomly throughout an article.

Not doing anything to promote your content.

The worst mistake you can make is to not do anything to promote your content. If you don’t promote your content, no one will know about it, which means zero traffic. So what’s the best way to promote your blog posts?

  • Share on social media: The big three sites, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are obvious places to share your post but don’t stop there. You should also share it on Reddit if it seems like a good fit for the site and even on smaller sites like Hacker News or Growth Hackers.
  • Email your list: Emailing those who have signed up for updates is another great way to let them know about new content you’ve created. Ensure they’re signing up for emails that include links to specific pages on your website. Otherwise, they’ll get confused when they see multiple links in their inboxes coming from different sources with varying purposes.

Ignoring the comments on your posts.

You might not realize it, but comments are one of the best ways to get feedback. They’re also a good way to identify what people like and don’t like about your site and how you can improve it. While it’s important to respond to comments, it’s also crucial that you thank people for their remarks. This shows that you care about their opinion and want to foster an open dialogue, increasing the chances that those commenters will return for more.

Not enough content or not enough quality content.

You need to have enough content on your website to keep people interested.

This is why you must spend some time researching the topics that interest your readers. You also must ensure you are providing quality content with useful information, not just filling up space with meaningless paragraphs or long lists of keywords.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different topics and formats; this will help you learn more about what works best for your audience.


You can avoid these mistakes and easily increase the traffic on your website by following the tips we’ve outlined above. If all else fails, remember that there is no such thing as too much content. The more you write and share, the more people will notice what you say.

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