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Warning signs of nose surgery

Many surgeries see that the lymphatic drainage is not severe. I don’t care about it a lot, but it’s actually the beginning of chronic inflammation of the cartilage between the nostrils. This can cause the cartilage between the nose to be crooked. and may be re-infected can make the nose swollen and inflamed.

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   Moreover, the writer would like to explain to understand this. the presence of lymph seepage indicates that there must be a torn nostril lining It doesn’t have to be the area of ​​the surgical incision, but it could be inside the deep nasal septum, which is why, to be honest, it’s silicone (because it wouldn’t be possible without surgery, right?). As the writer said, Rhinoplasty is only a writer and a patient, but the writer stays with the patient’s nose for no more than 30-40 minutes and the rest are thousands. tens of thousands of minutes. The patient is with his nose all the time, so even if wearing silicone How good is the god level? How good is the surgical writer? If we take care of the nose My own after surgery is not good, there will definitely be a problem.

However, when such problems occur Don’t neglect it. See a doctor who will do the supplementation. It’s better. And this problem is easily solved. The writer would like to divide it into the following cases:

   (n.) If the perforated wound is on the floor or in the same area as the surgical wound There is no visible inflammation on the outside, on the skin, and inside the nasal cavity (whether or not the silicone has emerged). Use the method to remove the nose to clean the skin cavity at the surgery and immediately perform a new rhinoplasty.

   (b.) If the perinatal wound is in a deep area (not able to sew) and, in any case, for writers recommended to remove Then resting your nose is the best. because even if it is revised (Most patients want to fix it, do it all over again.) But if we can’t sew the wound in the deep nasal cavity There will be a channel for germs to enter. again causing lymphatic seepage repeatedly that does not go away

  1. The next symptom that indicates a warning sign is acne, inflammation at the tip of the nose. It is often found in the case of the patient being hit hard at the tip of the nose causing the meat at the tip of the nose to be crushed into the silicone tip. In this case, notice that it is an elephantiasis. This symptom is a bad symptom. Well, most of the time, there is a silicone tip under the acne head. Many patients think it’s acne. When I met the acne writer The acne writer gave him a pimple injection at the tip of his nose. It’s over now. (because what the acne writer injects is an injectable steroid drug that (It’s used to treat keloid scars (also called keloids, which are injected, the flesh is thinner and buttoned down). As I said, the tip of our noses are designed for smelling, so it’s often a point that we touch more often than other parts. Therefore, teardrop-shaped silicone augmentation surgery is more likely to cause acne breakouts on the tip of the nose.
  2. There is a convex silicone tip. If the patient has these symptoms, the author suggests

I suggest that you go back to see the writer who performed rhinoplasty better. Hurry up because if the symptoms are not more than 3 days, then the writer removes the nose. Guarantee that it will be healed as usual. But if the symptoms are more than 1-2 weeks ago. Come to the writer, removing the nose alone is not enough. Have to patch and plant meat together. (Unless you find a writer who is good at putting in silicone pads) because if you remove it without doing anything. Most of the time, the tip of the nose will be thrown into it.

1 year or more

   The next symptom is the shape of the silicone surgery that has changed (Contracted Nose). Not going to be hit by anything. or the tip of the nose that had been added to become longer and clogged The meat appears as a long silicone head, or suddenly feels that the bridge of the nose looks shorter. This is a symptom of a silicone corset tissue or fascia. which is a normal process of the human body when inserting a foreign object

   These symptoms will be more or less. Slow or not the same speed But most importantly, the symptoms of silicone bandage are much more common than in the past because in the past 10-20 years, doctors used hard silicone (at present, the patient understands that it is silicone. Thai), which is quite hard, the shape will look out of place, not beautiful, but with its hardness causing the body to be unable to create a membrane to hold it but will create calcium to cling instead, causing when the patient has surgery for more than 5-10 years, they may feel or see that there is a lump or blister on the bridge of the nose

  Later, when the quality of silicone was developed to be more soft (Medium, Soft, Ultra Soft Silicone), doctors and patients became more popular as well because the softness of the silicone when inserted makes it look beautiful. Natural, but when the silicone is very soft The fascia can also be easily compressed, which can lead to cases of deformed, beveled, elongated protrusions.

   Don’t worry about it. Because the silicone fascia can be easily prevented by using two of our index fingers, gently massaging the skin above the nose. By starting to massage after surgery for about 1 month or more. (The writer does not recommend massage before that because the silicone is not attached to the facial bone. And shoulder massage 2 times a day, morning – evening. And each time for 2-3 minutes, and if possible, it should be massaged. like this until you get old) You don’t need to massage more than this or it will be swollen.

   When the writer writes to this point, the patient who wants to supplement will probably stop wanting. As for those who have had surgery, they may be more worried. The happiest person is probably the patient who has had surgery and is having problems. Come read and find out about their own problems so they can go back to the doctor for further treatment and correction.

   Finally, the writer would like to leave the writer’s thoughts on the subject of surgery saying, “The writer tries and intends to do his best every time So that all surgery patients are satisfied with the results of the surgery. In surgery, there are only Writers with patients. No one wants to see each other often, because if the patient comes to see the writer often, the patient has problems and suffering. Writers themselves suffer equally, but when problems (suffering) arise, do not blame each other, do not quarrel with each other, do not call for responsibility. the writer thinks “When there is only a doctor and a patient Wouldn’t it be better for us to work together to solve the problems that happened in that surgery together?”

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